About Me


wā-wərd]  adjective

  1. insistent upon having one’s own way; headstrong, willful, disobedient 
  2. conforming to no fixed rule or pattern; unpredictable


I was living in Vermont when realized I wasn’t doing the right work for me, and I didn’t know what the right work was.  So I left. My intention was to travel in Europe for one year and then go back to get a job.

Two years later, after going from Europe to the Middle East to Southeast Asia, I had ended up in Australia, planning to move to New Zealand.  I’ve been travelling long enough to know a thing or two about it, and I believe I have a unique perspective to offer.

When I returned to my hometown to visit for the first time in two years my friends and family were understandably eager to hear about my travels. People asked me standard questions but I found that I was really thrown off by them. Like, “what was your favorite part of your trip?”

Um what? What was my favorite part about my life for the past two years, really?  I think they were expecting me to say things like, “oh I really liked the food in Italy,” or “floating in the Dead Sea was magical,” (both true). But I felt inauthentic giving those types of answers.

On the other hand, most people wouldn’t want me to launch into twenty minutes’ worth of scattered musings about how the freedom of travelling is a high like no other, and the fact that I now have friendships with beautiful people scattered across the globe is so comforting, or how grateful I am that I was able to challenge myself in so many ways, and broaden my understanding of the world just enough to know that I still know literally nothing about anything and the world feels more vast and mysterious than it ever did before.

So I started this website.

I hope to both share my experiences and insights properly, and convey to anyone who reads it that should they decide to travel, their experiences and the insights they form will be completely original and equally awesome.